Ultra Sky (PTY) LTD
P. O. Box 1431, Selebi-Phikwe
Mob: +267 73-257-658

Our aim is to make sure that we blend education with fun in order  to produce a well-balanced crop of citizens and leaders of tomorrow.    


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Welcome to Ultra Sky!

A company behind an eduteinment project, the Fun Park that has blended education and entertainment so well and neat. This is a small but very advanced and innovative idea, science and amusement park that aims at providing families and school children with both leisure and learning experience, which is second to none! A place where both young and the old alike can meet, relax, and while away time instead of perhaps being bored and indulging in alcoholic beverages and/or substances. 

                                            Our Motto

                     Your informal learning blended with leisure is our pride!

                                           Our Vision 

         To provide alcohol and substance abuse intervention while at the same time

           helping to revitalize the SPEDU regional economy following closure of the

                                               BCL Mine in 2016. 

                                         Our Mission

        To establish an eduteinment centre in the form of science and

   amusement park that'll help keep the youth away from streets and

     simultaneously provide a conducive atmosphere where they can

                                              play and learn.  

                                       Our Core Values

                               Innovation, research & informal education;

                                      Promotion of family get together;

                            Safety of children & alcohol-free environment; and

                                               Quality customer service.



Ultra Sky - Science & Amusement Park of repute!

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